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Hand Knitted Baby Jumper Collection

Hand Knitted Baby Jumper Collection

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Welcome to our Hand Knitted Baby Collection, where comfort meets cuteness in every stitch. Let's explore the snug and charming offerings crafted with love for your little ones:

Turquoise Tank Top by Julie: Wrap your baby in the softness of the 'Turquoise Tank Top' by Julie, knitted with care in 100% merino wool. This adorable tank top, in a calming shade of turquoise, is not just cosy but a stylish addition to your baby's wardrobe. Julie's expert hands ensure that each stitch is a hug for your little one, providing warmth and comfort.

Buttermilk Baby Jumper by Julie: Embrace the sweetness of the 'Buttermilk Baby Jumper' by Julie, a delightful creation in 100% merino wool in a charming shade of yellow. This jumper is not only snuggly but also adds a pop of sunshine to your baby's attire. Perfect for those playful moments, Julie's craftsmanship ensures that your little one stays warm and oh-so-adorable.

Care Tip: Machine washable on gentle at 40 degrees for easy and convenient cleaning.

Sage and Mustard Baby Cardigan Set by Yvonne: Introducing the 'Sage and Mustard Baby Cardigan Set' by Yvonne, a blend of 60% organic cotton and 40% wool. These cardigans not only keeps your baby warm but also showcases a stylish mix of sage green and mustard yellow. Yvonne's dedication to eco-friendly materials adds an extra layer of care for your little one.

Care Tip: Hand wash only to preserve the organic beauty of the fabric.

In our Hand Knitted Baby Collection, every piece is more than clothing; it's a crafted expression of love and warmth for your precious little bundle. From the turquoise tank top to the buttermilk jumper and the sage and mustard cardigan, these hand-knitted treasures are designed to make your baby's early moments as comfy and charming as can be.

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