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Handwoven Rainbow Scarf Collection

Handwoven Rainbow Scarf Collection

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Welcome to our Handwoven Rainbow Collection – a burst of colour and style to brighten your wardrobe. Let's explore the joy and vibrancy of each piece:

Pastel Rainbow Wrap by Mairi: Wrap yourself in the soft hues of the 'Pastel Rainbow Wrap' by Mairi. Crafted in 77% cotton and 23% silk, this delightful wrap features pastel rainbow stripes with a sprinkle of gold sparkles. It's not just an accessory; it's a shimmering embrace of comfort and style.

Rainbow Shrug by Skyy: Add a pop of colour with the 'Rainbow Shrug' by Skyy. Made from 100% cotton in navy, this shrug is adorned with bright rainbow stripes. It's the perfect way to bring a playful touch to your outfit while staying comfortably snug.

Pastel Rainbow Scarf by Mairi: Elevate your style with the 'Pastel Rainbow Scarf' by Mairi. In 77% cotton and 23% silk, this scarf mirrors the enchantment of pastel rainbow stripes, complemented by subtle gold sparkles. A chic and versatile addition to your wardrobe.

In our Handwoven Rainbow Collection, each item is a celebration of colour and craftsmanship. From the Pastel Rainbow Wrap to the Rainbow Shrug, these handwoven treasures are designed to infuse your wardrobe with a spectrum of joy and style.

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