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Kidsilk Mohair Lattice Wrap Weaving Kit

Kidsilk Mohair Lattice Wrap Weaving Kit

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Introducing the Kidsilk Mohair Lattice Wrap Weaving Kit, a perfect blend of luxury and creativity for young artisans and beginners alike. Inspired by our exclusive one-day workshop, this kit allows you to craft a breathtakingly beautiful wrap using the finest materials and expert techniques.

The star of this weaving adventure is the Kid Silk Mohair yarn, a heavenly combination of 75% mohair super kid and 25% mulberry silk. Renowned for its exquisite softness and delicate texture, this light brushed yarn creates a wrap that is as light as a feather, enveloping you in sheer luxury.

Your weaving journey begins with learning the art of warping a rigid heddle loom, guided by our expertly written instructions. They will walk you through the entire process, from dressing the loom to mastering the art of weaving with mohair without any tangles, knots, or breakages. With this expert guidance, you'll quickly gain confidence and be on your way to creating a stunning lattice wrap.

Select from a range of beautiful shades, allowing you to personalize your creation and make it uniquely yours. Whether you prefer subtle pastels or vibrant hues, the choice is yours, and the end result will be a full-length wrap that reflects your style and creativity.

Indulge in the art of weaving and create a masterpiece with the Kidsilk Mohair Lattice Wrap Weaving Kit. Unleash your imagination, embrace the luxurious touch of mohair, and enjoy the satisfaction of crafting a wrap that is sure to dazzle and delight. Order your kit today and embark on a weaving adventure that will leave you with a cherished creation to treasure for years to come.

Kit includes: yarn and instructions

You will also need: two-shaft loom with a weaving width of at least 24 inches, and a 5dpi reed.

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