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Love Heart Coorie Fabric Patch by createmaym

Love Heart Coorie Fabric Patch by createmaym

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Introducing our charming set of Fabric Patches, designed to add a touch of Scottish warmth and whimsy to any space. These handcrafted patches feature a vibrant red tartan fabric, exuding traditional Scottish charm. 

One side showcases a cream tab with the playful phrase, "A wee bit Scottish 'Coorie Doon'" followed by its endearing definition: "Cosy up / Hug." This adds a delightful touch of Scottish vernacular, perfect for sparking conversation and bringing a smile to your face.

The reverse side of the patches is adorned with a soft, red felt heart, symbolising warmth and affection. The combination of these elements makes these patches ideal for use as decorative pieces, whether placed on a table, pinned to a bag, or used as a cosy addition to your home decor.

These Fabric Patches make wonderful gifts, celebrating the rich cultural heritage of Scotland while offering a heartfelt message. Add a bit of cosy charm to your life with these unique and beautifully crafted patches.


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