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Rainbow Tea Towel Fine Weaving Kit

Rainbow Tea Towel Fine Weaving Kit

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This weaving kit comes with all the yarn needed to weave a wonderfully bright rainbow tea towel. Although originally designed for rigid heddle looms, this kit is suitable for most types of loom.

You will receive easy to follow, step-by-step instructions and if you get stuck please feel free to reach out and we will try to help!

Suitable for looms with a weaving width of at least 16 inches. 10 inch Sampleit instructions are also available - just leave us a note if you need those instead.

The regular cotton kit weaves at 10DPI. The 8/2 cotton kit weaves at 20DPI (a 10DPI reed can be used on a rigid heddle). Both kits produce three tea towels on a 16 inch weaving width.

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