What is the tartan register?

The tartan register is the official record of all recorded tartan designs. It includes historic clan tartans, new designs, and even corporate tartans.

Why do I need to choose a registered tartan?

We ask that you choose an unrestricted registered tartan as we are able to access the thread counts and patterns. This means we can set up your loom in advance

What if I want an unregistered tartan?

We do not normally offer unregistered tartans. If you want to do an unregistered pattern please get in touch

What even is 'tartan'?

For the purposes of the Register, the definition of 'tartan' is that contained within the Scottish Register of Tartans Act (2008) Section 2: 'A tartan is a design which is capable of being woven consisting of two or more alternating coloured stripes which combine vertically and horizontally to form a repeated chequered pattern.' The tartan pattern is traditionally known as the sett of the tartan.

finding a tartan

Search by name

To find a specific tartan, you can search the register. Simply type the name of the tartan you are looking for in the box marked 'quick tartan search'

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finding a tartan

Search by colour

To search by colour, first click on search the register, then scroll to the bottom of the page and choose the colours to include or exclude, then hit search!

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finding a tartan

I'm stuck!

If you can't find a tartan that you're looking for, or don't know where to start, reach out to our friendly team who will be able to help you choose the perfect pattern for you

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