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Handwoven Handmade Recycled Yarn Scarf Collection

Handwoven Handmade Recycled Yarn Scarf Collection

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Introducing the 'Save The Planet' Collection - where sustainability meets style in a series of handwoven, handmade, and recycled yarn scarves:

Bonfire Night by Mairi:
Immerse yourself in the fiery hues of 'Bonfire Night' by Mairi. This vibrant mixed-yarn scarf, adorned with bold black, orange, and yellow tones, captures the essence of a lively celebration. Machine washable at 40 degrees, it blends fashion with sustainability, embodying the spirit of the 'Save The Planet' Collection.

Matrix by Mairi:
Step into a world of eco-chic with 'Matrix' by Mairi. A cotton scarf in navy and refreshing vertical stripes, this accessory not only adds a touch of sophistication but is also a conscious choice. Handwashing preserves both the environment and the timeless style of this piece.

Dickie's Twist by Peter:
Redefine elegance with 'Dickie's Twist' by Peter—a cotton and Tencel scarf adorned with red, white, and black hues highlighted by golden accents. The scarf features a check pattern interspersed with twisted yarn, creating a unique and sustainable fashion statement. Handwash only for a lasting impact on style and the planet.

Anarchy Wrap by Ana:
Embrace warmth and rebellion with the 'Anarchy Wrap' by Ana. Handcrafted from recycled lambswool in bold black and red, this cosy wrap exudes both comfort and conscientious style. Handwash only, echoing the sustainable ethos of the 'Save The Planet' Collection.

In this collection, each scarf is not just an accessory; it's a commitment to sustainability, showcasing the beauty that can arise from repurposed and handmade materials.

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