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Handwoven Recycled Yarn Blanket Collection

Handwoven Recycled Yarn Blanket Collection

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Cosmos Picnic Blanket by Mairi:
Elevate your outdoor experience with the 'Cosmos Picnic Blanket' by Mairi. Woven from bright pink, yellow, green, and red recycled wool, this vibrant blanket not only adds a burst of colour to your picnics but also embodies the eco-friendly ethos of our collection. Lay back and relax, knowing you're making a sustainable choice.

Magenta Throw Blanket by Mairi:
Wrap yourself in the warmth of conscious living with the 'Magenta Throw Blanket' by Mairi. This bright and bold creation, made from mixed recycled yarn with various textures in bright pinks and purples, is a testament to both style and sustainability. Embrace the tactile beauty of this throw, knowing it's a step towards a greener planet.

In the 'Save The Planet' Collection, these handwoven recycled yarn blankets redefine the concept of comfort, offering not just warmth but a tangible contribution to a more sustainable and eco-conscious lifestyle.

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