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Hand Dyed Handwoven Scarf Collection

Hand Dyed Handwoven Scarf Collection

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Step into a world of colour and warmth with our Hand Dyed Handwoven Scarf Collection, where each piece is a vibrant tale of craftsmanship. Let's explore the unique personalities of these scarves:

Bonfire by Mairi: Feel the warmth of 'Bonfire' by Mairi, a 100% wool scarf exploding with bright oranges, yellows, and reds, complemented by bold black accents. Wrap yourself in the fiery glow of this hand-dyed creation, perfect for adding a pop of warmth to your chilly days.

Rainforest by Mairi: Dive into the lush greens and whites of 'Rainforest' by Mairi, another gem in our collection. This 100% wool scarf captures the vibrant hues of a tropical haven, bringing a touch of nature's beauty to your ensemble. Let the rich greens and whites transport you to a world of natural serenity.

Sovereign by Skyy: Discover 'Sovereign' by Skyy, a patriotic marvel blending wool and alpaca in red, white, and blue log cabin patterns. This scarf is a cozy embrace of national pride, perfect for showcasing your allegiance with style. Let your scarf tell a story of unity and warmth.

Pinwheel by Peter: Indulge in the delicate charm of 'Pinwheel' by Peter, a blend of alpaca and silk in serene white with burgundy and white pinwheel patterns. This scarf is a graceful dance of textures and colours, adding a touch of sophistication to your look. Wrap yourself in the luxury of alpaca and silk for a truly elegant experience.

Fruit Salad by Mairi: Introducing the 'Fruit Salad' handwoven, hand-dyed scarf by Mairi—an ode to vibrant hues and conscious craftsmanship. Woven with care in vegan silk (Tencel), this scarf showcases a delectable palette of pinks and oranges, reminiscent of a luscious fruit salad. The luxurious yet ethical material invites you to wrap yourself in both style and sustainability. For added convenience, this eye-catching accessory is machine washable at 40 degrees, ensuring that the beauty of 'Fruit Salad' is effortlessly maintained. 

Zippy Scarf by Joanna: Introducing the 'Zippy Scarf' by Joanna—a dynamic fusion of style and artistry. Handwoven and hand-dyed with meticulous care, this scarf showcases a captivating blend of blue, green, pink, and black merino wool. The result is a vibrant and energetic accessory that adds a burst of personality to any ensemble. Joanna's craftsmanship shines through in every thread, creating a harmonious interplay of colours.

In this collection, each scarf is not just an accessory; it's a masterpiece of hand-dyed, handwoven artistry. Find the perfect scarf to express your style and embrace the warmth of artisanal craftsmanship.

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