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Workshop Gift Card

Workshop Gift Card

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Introducing our Workshop Gift Card – the ultimate ticket to a world of creative possibilities! This versatile gift card unlocks the door to a variety of engaging workshops, ensuring the recipient can choose the artistic adventure that resonates most with their passion. Redeemable on a selection of our most popular workshops, including:

Weave a Woolly Scarf in a Day:

Dive into a day of crafty wonders as you create your very own fabulous woolly scarf. From choosing vibrant hues to mastering the art of warping a loom, this workshop is a hands-on journey into the world of weaving.

Weaving Taster Session:

Unleash your creativity in a 60-minute weaving session. Perfect for beginners and enthusiasts alike, this taster session provides a glimpse into the intricate world of weaving, guided by our skilled instructors.

Textile Design:

Explore the realm of textile design in this immersive workshop. From understanding patterns to experimenting with textures, participants will learn the essentials of creating stunning textile designs.

Weaving for Interiors:

Elevate your living space with the art of weaving. This workshop focuses on weaving techniques tailored for interior design, allowing participants to craft unique pieces to adorn their homes.

Three Day Design and Weave:

Immerse yourself in a comprehensive three-day workshop that covers the nuances of design and weaving. Perfect for those seeking an in-depth understanding of the craft and the creation of intricate, multi-faceted projects.

With this Workshop Gift Card, the recipient has the flexibility to choose the workshop that aligns with their interests and schedule. Whether it's a one-day scarf-weaving extravaganza, a quick taster session, a deep dive into textile design, or a multi-day design and weave experience – the options are vast.

Give the gift of creativity, skill-building, and memorable experiences. Our Workshop Gift Card is the perfect present for anyone with a love for the textile arts. Encourage them to redeem their card, embark on a creative journey, and craft something extraordinary!

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